Disc UFO sightings from ALL over the world

www.AnonymousFO.com Some of the best disc UFO footage ever caught on film Below are the links to the videos used UFO in Colombia 2009 – http Police escort two discs in Russia www.youtube.com NASA tether incedent stablized LunaCognita – www.youtube.com UFO crash in white sands, New Mexico – www.youtube.com UFO fly’s by plane in Chesire, UK – www.youtube.com Two UFOs mergeing together in Russia – www.youtube.com UFO filmed in Kumburgaz/Istanbul – www.youtube.com UFO on coputer screen on the ISS – spaceflight.nasa.gov
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Happy 4th of July, Everybody ­čśÇ This is a compilation of 8 videos out of Russia of the same UFOs, same night/s. EXCITEMENT (these were the same ones that were in Nebraska on the 2nd! www.youtube.com ) ONE REQUEST OF YOU FROM KEE – Have your CAMERAS charged, out and ready tonight. You will be looking at the sky tonight anyway, right? If all you have is your cellphone camera then make sure your phone is all charged up before you leave your house. These dudes might be showing up in various places. Borrow your parent’s video camera, or your friends’, whoever’s! We gotsta catch ’em all. Bored w/some time online today??? GOOD Many ppl caught this on camera in Russia – let’s find them and post them all!! Search in Russian for ‘UFO’ in youtube, google (videos), rutube.ru, vimeo, dailymotion, wherever ppl upload new videos constantly.. Make sure to view the most recent uploads. Use google translate or if you have chrome it will automatically translate the pages for you, meow!~~~ translate.google.com My list is sloppy but here are the places they have been (confirmed w that I have observed: Russia Netherlands Kirton, Lincolnshire UK Nebraska + Omaha, NE Richmond, Indiana Gloucester, Massachusetts Smyrna, Tennessee Lake Worth, Florida Defiance, Ohio Windsor, Ontario, Canada Pennsylvania Chicago, Illinois Westland, Michigan Milltown, New Jersey Parts of CA, too. (check newer videos for updated lists) Mind you, that this is all between July 1 – 4. They are busy @_@! Care to see my

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  1. quand ces POURRIS D’AMERICAIN vont ils nous d├ęvoiler la v├ęriter ? quand un gouvernement est capable de tuer ces citoyens pour se faire du fric,ont peut se pausser que des´╗┐ question!!!!

  2. I think it might be an antenna dish that is partly shrouded by ISS shadow. OR it’s a simple desktop pic, looks a bit like some ship´╗┐ from star trek. And judging from the icons riddled over the screen at top half, you are probably correct

  3. The music reminds me of this. Skip to 1.20.´╗┐ (Guitarists may as well watch the whole thing….)


  4. The picture at the 2:45 mark looks like a desktop´╗┐ picture, not like he’s looking at some UFO classified picture.

  5. They here and always were “watching”. It’s just “The Cowards That Be” didn’t want us to know the TRUTH. Controlling the media, TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Banks, Governments, Churches, and People’s minds.Game over for them though, no more wars, starvation´╗┐ or deception after this. There is ONE race, and it is called HUMANITY !!!

  6. Disclosure Petition´╗┐ 2 is now active
    on the Whitehouse website until March 24
    any nation can sign
    go to disclosurepetition.info
    link on my profile

  7. No joke i have a video of 1 of those UFO’s off´╗┐ the tether on my account you can even see the indent.

    after this video i actually know that the thing i videoed has been seen in space, i’m now an happy person ­čÖé

  8. nous ´╗┐ nous savons la veriter sur les ufo mais a quand la veiter sur eux par les gouvernement du monde pourquoi il veule a tout pris nous la cacher ,dom

  9. This is an interesting video….but I’ve been seeing´╗┐´╗┐ these pulsating, rainbow colored´╗┐ UFO’s for 3 weeks now, in St´╗┐ George, Utah..really strange..has anyone else seen them? I’ve taken 11 videos of them so far…if you want to see them.. click my Moondawgee channel moniker under this comment´╗┐ box…after you see the video’s I’ve taken, tell me if you’ve ever seen´╗┐ these kind before, and where? I think these are some of the best video’s of UFO’s ever shot. I’m just trying to get some answer’s.

  10. its full with UFOS all over the skies in bulgaria during the nights maybe some of them are russion and USA satelits but some of satelits are very´╗┐ very fast and thats a fact :DDDD

  11. THIS IS BULGARIA NOT RUSSIA I AM FROM BULGARIA AND UNDERSTAND THIS VIDEO HAHAHAHAH but there are also russion videos´╗┐ in this movie

  12. I wonder if they lie us .. or think we’re ugly and dumb, because they´╗┐ do seem pretty smart Ńâä @jkarenm

  13. I saw some lights today at night over my town of Pisgah.. These lights were moving in a circular path and then broke´╗┐ off broke each other.. Some of them went up into the sky while the rest went down… There was probably 4/5 of them…

  14. haha thanks. I’m not trying to say alien ufos don’t exist, i just think the fact they emit light is weird. The only reason i can think of is that they want´╗┐ to be seen (just like a commercial airliner wants to stay visible in the sky at night).

  15. ..That is hysterical. ´╗┐ I’ve followed the story of UFOs since I was a child, and I never asked that basic question. And, I’ve never heard any of the UFO “experts” address that either. Excellent question.

  16. i do watch it but on History channel right now theres a new season thursdays at 10 pm eastern´╗┐ very cool stuff about our past

  17. MESSAGE TO ALL: If you have Netflix, watch the Ancient Astronaut series to the end. You will not´╗┐ be displeased. It will blow your mind. Please pay attention to it while watching. Prepare.

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