Cool Alaska Ufo images

A few nice alaska ufo images I found:

Alaskan Lights
alaska ufo
Image by Jon Garvin
Long exposure of star trails and northern lights at the Airport in Manley Hot Springs, Alaska.

There’s a hint of Northern Lights that weren’t visible to the naked eye, and only appeared with the long exposure. I didn’t even realize they were there until I pulled up the image on the computer. So, this qualifies as the very first picture I’ve captured of Northern Lights, and it was an accident.

The light on the airplane is from a security light on the other side of the airport. Green light in the trees is a UFO that had just landed… or maybe they’re from the Roadhouse Bar & Grill.

The Exif data only reports a 15 second exposure, but I was using CHDK firmware, so I recall the exposure being around 5 minutes. You’re not going to get star trails that long in 15 seconds. I had to crop the image due to sensor noise that I always get in the upper left corner on long exposures.

Accidently Spot
alaska ufo
Image by mi..chael
I think it’s on my dirty closed hotel window..

Not UFO …
…. i am not really sure

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