25 thoughts on “Confirmed: The U.S. Military Has Worked With Aliens? 2013”

  1. This is total bull shit. if there was life near that star, many more people would have known by now. It was discovered in 1888, so just imagine how many people have searched it for life. From what he’s saying there technology would be hundreds of years ahead of our own but they can’t fix a simple problem like at 3:25 and 3:45, which would be relatively easy compared to interstellar travel. We haven’t made contact with aliens yet people! If we had we would know about it.

  2. The real problem is that the whole disclosure process is part of a bigger scheme. Researchers pointing that these “aliens” are not from outer space, do not obey the laws of physics and disappear to nowhere when they are not visible have been silenced. Only the Hollywood propaganda is publicised, that these guys are biological specie who evolved in another planet far away.

    They will use it to destroy religion, but the Bible already announced their coming 2000 years ago.

  3. 40 yrs.ago you would have been correct in saying that if this is real he and her will be knocked off.however there is a group of high level PEOPLE that are trying to break the truth to us in a slow easy way.this whole thing is going to change religious beliefs and traditions so much so that many believe there may be a kind of civil breakdown that will make the civil rights movement look tame.not good,not good at all!!!

  4. thats the same argument terence mckenna used but what i always wondered about: if theres an infinite amount of stars and therefore planets, habitable planets, ets and intelligent ets, then there have to be millions of civilisations in contact with each other (because of their technical advantage) without our knowing and just by chance a view of them MUST look like us so if the time comes for contact then its most likely that theyll send the least scary to us. hope it was understandable in 500 w.

  5. They took Jackie Gleason into this hanger on a military base to view the alien bodies. What he saw made him sick to his stomach. There are aliens out there. Who are we to say that other life does not exist? They came here didn’t like what they saw and took off. Can u blame them?

  6. What is more crazy, listen to this guy talking about his single experience? or your arrogant comment about the rest of the universe?……(excuse my English)

  7. tv presenters are trained to mock credible witnesses….that”s been a constant for many years now….But thank to the internet people are starting to see the obvius!!….

  8. So this guy is saying that, just by chance, different species of primates, that look almost identical to us, basically another version of homo-sapiens, evolved on more than one planet in entirely different solar systems. Its crazy to think that Aliens would look like anything familiar to us never mind bipedal(two legged)..and to think that theyre almost identical to us humans, thats just silly. Humans only evolved once on this planet all from the same evolutionary branch nevermind another planet

  9. Even when its out in the open we’ll flip the channel and continue #yolo ‘in till we die without a decent cause.

  10. Thank you for sharing this special knowledge. It confirms so many others testimonys of Aliens. I have had limited experience with taking pictures & visions of Aliens but no physical type visitation.

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