Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure April 29th, 2013 pt1

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48 thoughts on “Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure April 29th, 2013 pt1”

  1. Good for awareness on the UFO subject but will not make the government make policy or legislation. Dream on Mr Bassett

  2. These old dudes don’t have to lie, they’ve got more evidence than they can shake a stick at. And even if there aren’t Aliens visiting us, those flying saucers have been seen & photographed by shit-loads of people, that means the Govt. is sitting on game-changing energy technology. I wish I was President, I’d send in our troops to take over the whole thing. You may think it’s okay to have unelected crony’s calling the shots for the whole country, but I don’t. We don’t even know who they are.

  3. I’ve always known there were ufos, what scares me is the fact that they have been keeping it a secret! Makes me wonder what they plan in doing to the people out here? It can’t be good! They’re already using the technology against us by hiding it! Don’t taser me bro!

  4. On behalf of myself & everyone else, thank you very much buddy for uploading all of this! Was getting really pissed off with watching 2:00 snippets here & there! Finally, now everyone can sit back & take it all in! History in the making, truly!!!

  5. The thing that bother me is this:
    Technically, they don’t HAVE to prove to these EX congressmen and women ANYTHING, because it isn’t a real hearing. What if this was allowed to go ahead to highlight to the gov. and the military industrial complex the areas that have leaks, the loose ends that need tying up? What if the panel of UFO spokespeople have just played right into their hands and disclosed almost everything they know to those they have been trying to get the information from?

  6. Since the U.S. began dealing with these highly intelligent beings who are capable of things that only your worst nightmare could imagine, its possible that the EBEs are in charge of keeping it secret and that the revelation would uncover their own nefarious agenda! Why is this planet becoming hotter? Why are GMOs causing cancer and the government is allowing it? (Clinton said, there is a govt inside the govt), the planet is being invaded, terraformed and its population is being exterminated.

  7. Really? Come on now. This is coming from someone whose profile is filled with ‘Biblical UFOs and the Coming Deception’ crap.

  8. why comment on my stupid comment? and no there is nothing else i’d like to know about this myriad information.. now can you all just let me unfollow this post please? thanks a lot! enjoy the movie.

  9. I just saw the media trolls in Digital Journal, how they tried to discredit this hearing in every way they could. This is how it works and clearly shows that the press and most media is controlled, just like some witnesses claims. There is no free press, and has never been, it’s just illusions that is made up to calm the masses.

  10. Why start with such a stupid comment? Is there nothing else you wish to know from this myriad information??

  11. 1:25:22
    “Reclaiming my time”??
    Just when he gets to the heart of the matter, the upset of PROFITABLE industries on this planet by the admittance of foreign tech.
    Does she not scream shill, to you people?

  12. There is none! It’s a tactic performed by a higher state, to see the “weaponrange” at display, so they know what their up against at higher levels. It’s called a buffer stage. You test the nuclear weapons at safe distance where they can’t do any harm, just like you test witnesses and evidence in a stage where it can’t explode 🙂

    Only possitive thing here is this: it spreads a little bit further out this time. But that is a chance they’re willing to take it seems.

  13. Sorry to bother you:
    My videocapture program wasn’t able to copy the 2 last segments of the hearing on may 3rd. Why did you change the format on these and the night lectures?

  14. how do you explain the vaticans stance that aliens may exist and if they wished they would be welcomed into the christian church ?. just another contradiction from religion. also can you explain the nephilim in the book of genesis and when you have done that explain the existance of and the total omission of dinasours, ice ages and mass extinction of events in genesis

  15. strange. you believe in demons from hell, which does not exist except in a book from thousands of years ago, yet you do not believe in extra terrestrial life when science and fact state that there are billions of planets in the universe with possibly countless inhabited worlds. goes to show how religion narrows peoples minds instead of opening them to the wonders of the universe

  16. moi j’ai pas peur de extraterrestres ,je l’ai invite a boire a l’apéro chez moi si il veulent.
    si il ne débarque pas sur terre nous aider,on va s’auto détruire ,
    là c’est le bon moment

  17. I guess were running out of time. They don’t land because we don’t get on with each other. Whilst we go along working paying our taxes so that can be turned into bombs and war machines to subject other peoples to the will of the NWO, just like the ancients of the past we will fade into history-wiped out by flood,earthquake,famine,ect. You must understand now, we are 1. We all need the same things in life-water,food,shelter,clothes and something to do with our time. Divided we fall.

  18. Im all for peace and believing in a higher power. But everyone needs to shut up with the religion crap! If people want to go to church and pray, they’ll go from their own decision of doing so. Not because you bible bang on the internet. If what you say is true. Come with hard facts, and not an unproven theory.. btw change your name. You arent thug. I did a 3 years in Chino, 2 in Donovan. But that doesn’t mean Im uneducated. Research or conspiracy theories before you preach.

  19. Damn…you went from excellent videos to crappy ones!! Tjere are some rwal fake ones in here!! One fake Rusdian and one fakeSoanish speaking one!! Ooh..who took my mojo I don’t trust either!! Anyway,1 or 2 are real for sure!

  20. Why so bleak? From my point of view these apparitions or sightings herald something different: the advent of consciousness, the re-discovery of wisdom, the creation of equality, the inception of the reign of reason and emotion in a perfect equilibrium. You do not believe me? Well, take a look around you, talk to the people, talk to the inveighed youngsters and you will see that Earth will be garden Eden again and we will blend with all creation and become whole again. We are Earth’s custodians!

  21. Those globalists will pay for the agony they are causing to the world !!!! Yous will Rue these last days !!!!!

  22. I been saying aliens are living on the moon.. That’s why no one goes to the moon anymore. Also aliens survive off radiation which is what earth is starting to evolve into and it’s attracting aliens ! Also either we got something they want or they work with the NWO

  23. So far, 13 aliens disliked this video. They probably were reptilians, they hate to see us liking the truth.

  24. The New World Order loves that you people are busy with Ufos and so on. Feed the sheeples with crap!!! It has always worked out well for the disinfo agents! 😛

  25. great video as usual…nice time on it too…4.44…music sounds like its from the video game the legend of zelda…nintendo…way back..

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