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Alien Fresh Jerky car (side)
alien ufos
Image by kotramif
The side. Observe the child and baby in the back seat.

I think anthropomorphizing aliens for humor’s sake is Americans’ way of dealing with the scary idea of UFOs and extraterrestrials, making them harmless cartoons in our minds.

XCOM: Enemy Within hands-on preview and interview – cyber invasion
There's also the new robotic Sectoid (the weedy cannon fodder that look like classic alien Greys) called a Mechtoid, 47 new maps (nearly doubling the total amount), new weapons, equipment, a new alien resource called Meld (which explodes if you don't …
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UFO: Alien entities fly ovr India's Taj-Mahal
A UFO flew over the Taj-Mahal palaces according to some military troops and locals recently, reports the Inquisitor. The world wonder has had an increase in such sightings recently and with smartphone technology so common today, people are beginning to …
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The UFO at Pope Francis' Election
Theories proposed in the comments so far range from the more serious to not-so-serious, including that it's a ghost, a covert military drone, Jesus, a “Mini Death Star,” Santa Claus, Iron Man, Mars, the moon, and of course, an alien spacecraft. One …
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