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UFO: False Flag Alien Invasion Scheme many follow Terrorism Wars
Simon's encounters with the Mantid beings, reptilian-draco, the “blue lizards”, shadow beings, UFO craft sightings, mental telepathy, imagery downloads, timeline coordination, psychic attacks, targeting experiences, and why higher dimensional beings …
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Fake California UFO photo fools Ohio TV news
Open Minds recently featured other UFO and alien photos that were taken with this app and purported to be real. We were even approached at the UFO Congress by a young woman who said she had caught an alien in a photograph, but it turned out to be a …
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UFO’s In Ancient Art

UFO’s In Ancient Art

UFO's In Ancient Art

An in depth, in your face, pictorial of UFO’s and Aliens throughout the ancient art world. In paintings, ancient manuscript print pictures, old News Notes (precursor to newspapers) prehistoric petroglyphs, wood carving illustrations, fresco’s, jewelry and much, much, more.
This pictorial coffee table (type) e-book covering UFO’s and Aliens will convince the most skeptical of friends in your life, of their existence.
Most of the photographs have been converted to higher resolutions and


UFO NEWS: Human Like Alien Photographed in Columbia – Researchers

UFO NEWS: Human Like Alien Photographed in Columbia – Researchers
My name is Hillbilly Hank and I am currently on assignment in Columbia photographing UFO landing spots. On my recent cross country trip to a small town in Columbia called Que Pasa, where I was going to see my old pal, Martin Imposter, my car broke down …
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UFO cover-up: Alien interfere, work with militaries
Aliens not only visit our planet, some of them even live here, work with the militaries and even interfere in our affairs. This what Dr Charles Hall, a nuclear physicist and a Vietnam veteran, has claimed, in an interview given an Australian TV channel …
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