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UFOs and the paranormal with Malcolm Robinson: The Loch Ness monster – part 1

UFOs and the paranormal with Malcolm Robinson: The Loch Ness monster – part 1
IN PREVIOUS articles we have looked at ghosts, UFOs and touched on the subject of Cellular Memory. In the following articles, we turn our attention to another one of the world's most elusive mysteries, one of which can be found right here in the …
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How To Prove You've Been Abducted By Aliens
Do I believe in UFOs or extraterrestrial visitors? Where shall I begin? There's a fascinating frailty of the human mind that psychologists know all about, called “argument from ignorance”. This is how it goes. Remember what the “U” stands for in “UFO”?
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Nice About Ufos photos

A few nice about ufos images I found:

about ufos
Image by BenedictFrancis
I captured these this evening across the skies of Winchester. Three lights flew across the sky in the same direction with about 3 minutes in between each. This collection of four was the third. They were travelling at about twice the speed of normal planes (which ruled out balloons – especially as there was no wind) and were pretty weird to look at. At first we thought it was a plane on fire, but then we saw the other two following…weird eh!

A book I saw at costco. about UFOs where i grew up! …the book was “Weird Illinois” or something.
about ufos
Image by dane brian

National UFO Site Includes Reports from Strongsville

National UFO Site Includes Reports from Strongsville
By Debbie Palmer A website that collects reports of UFOs includes two sightings made in Strongsville in the last year. The National UFO Reporting Center, which says it is dedicated to collecting and disseminating objective data on unidentified objects …

Middle Creek UFOs explained
“In related news my postgame interview was got interrupted by – UFOs? “No really, I have no idea what those three red dots … were. #creepy.” I was hoping that someone out there would tell me they saw them too. What I got was even better: an …
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Do you believe in UFOs?
A BBC3 documentary wants to hear from people who believe we have been visited by aliens. If you think extraterrestrial life has made it to Earth they want to hear from you. For more details email or call 0207 449 …
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