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Microgear EC10184 Micro RC UFO Flying Saucer – Random Color

Microgear EC10184 Micro RC UFO Flying Saucer – Random Color

Microgear EC10184 Micro RC UFO Flying Saucer - Random Color

  • This is a ULTRA-MICRO Alien UFO, just about 5.00cm with 3 LED flashy light! Very tiny and easy to control.
  • Excellent for beginners and experts, the construction is very sturdy and hovers extremely well, Unique Computer Chip Control System Made by Durable EPS Foam Movement Up & Down Miniature design for indoor Flying Super Infrared Control
  • Three LED, Red, Blue, Yellow Flashing LED Lights Re-charge through Transmitter Built-in LI-POLY battery for long Flying Time Charging Time 20 – 40 Minutes Fly Times 4 Minutes Transmitter need 6 x 1.5 V AA Size Battery ( Not Included)

Super infrared control RC Micro Alien UFO Saucer with Red, Blue, Yellow and Green flashing LED lights

List Price: $ 5.45

Price: $ 5.45

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Exclusive interview with member of CIA panel on UFOs
By all accounts, the Robertson Panel produced one of the U.S. government's most influential policy decisions on UFOs, although the key role of the CIA was kept secret for many years. If you want to know more about this event including its genesis, …
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Movies With Re-Shot Endings
Out of respect, the filmmakers cut the ending which saw the World Trade Centre open up to reveal a swarm of Serleena's UFOs. MIB2 wasn't the only movie to remove scenes featuring the World Trade Centre – Spider-Man famously cut a scene in which a …
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Women, Men, Refugees, UFOs and the CIA: The Places Documentary Can Go at

Women, Men, Refugees, UFOs and the CIA: The Places Documentary Can Go at
Sitting down on the bus carrying us out through the stunning Darbyshire countryside to a cavern where we would watch an Opening Night film for the Sheffield Doc Fest, little did I know what the woman sitting next to me would come to represent for me …
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British Ministry of Defense releases UFO files
The National Archives of Britain released 209 files and approximately 52,000 pages of information on UFOs collected by Britain's Ministry of Defense. According to The Guardian, the goal in releasing this information is to create a sense of openness …

Incident At Roswell Reviews

Incident At Roswell

Incident At Roswell

  • Features information, interviews, real-time video and more
  • Explore the alleged cover-up of an Alien Space Craft crashed in Roswell New Mexico in 1947
  • PC: Windows 3.1/95/98/ME
  • MAC: System 7.0 or Later

Fifty years ago Friday night, something came down from the sky outside the small town of Roswell, N.M., leading the U.S. government to issue a press release stating that a “flying disc” had crashed. That release was almost immediately retracted, the unidentified object labeled a weather balloon, and a veil hastily drawn over the whole affair. For years, the incident at Roswell has captivated people’s imaginations – and fueled conspiracy theories. Interest in UFOs and extraterrestrials continue

List Price: $ 5.75

Price: $ 5.75

UFO: Aftermath

UFO: Aftermath

UFO: Aftermath

  • An alien invasion devastates Earth and only you can save the world
  • Purge the planet through skillful global-resource management and small-squad tactical combat
  • Research new technologies to develop incredible weapons and devices
  • Unique combination of real-time and turn-based combat
  • 20 available soldiers whose skills evolve throughout

A Dungeon and Dragons Real-Time Strategy Experience!Product InformationIt’s May 25 2004 and Earth is doomed unless up to seven soldiers take actionto rid it of scary aliens and mutants through global-resource strategymanagement and on-the-ground in-the-action small-squad tactical bat.Develop your soldiers through the game’s role-playing element and execute yourdirectives simultaneously in real-time bat with the option of pausing thegame to get your team of soldiers to roam earth’s alien- and mut

List Price: $ 24.99

Price: $ 5.49