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Check out these a ufo images:

a ufo
Image by I .. C .. U
I had the idea of this pipcture as we bought Salt and Pepper in a Marketplace from Paris. Actually Salt is white and Papper is green. Some may saythey look like human beeings , but i think they rather look like aliens. With the right light and the right angle, they look funny or scarry. Here you can almost hear them sya : " Ohhh my God!!!!! Help!!!!!

No Photoschop on this picture, only Picasa and Ifranview (for the frame).

Second UFO spotting from the NT terrace, spooky..
a ufo
Image by MiEs L.
There was this little black dot high up in the sky and I tried to zoom in on it, this is what came out, a balloon surely…

UBC Storm the Wall 2008_4542_UFO1
a ufo
Image by David Zhang .ca
I am not joking and this is not a hoax; these were uploaded a day after April Fools just so it would be taken seriously. Of course, I’m not claiming it’s an alien space craft either. But what it is cannot be identified, thus, it is technically an UFO (unidentified flying object).

Have a look for yourself! In the first photo (above), the UFO can clearly been seen in the sky. This photo was taken at f/10 with a shutter speed of 1/160 seconds. This is important since first of all, at a narrow aperture such as f/10, the depth of field would be quite deep, thus any object in the sky, like a plane, should come out sharp and not fuzzy as did in the photo. Of course, any objects flying closer to the lens could come out as blurry if it was moving very fast. However, the photo was taken at a shutter speed of 1/160 seconds, which should freeze most fast moving objects.

What’s more bizarre is the second photo, which was taken 2 seconds after the first in burst mode. In the second photo, the same object can still be seen, however it has now moved to the right and is now much smaller than before. A object flying at a great distance would not be able to change in size to that degree in just 2 seconds, unless it was moving at speeds not possible for most commercial planes.

Finally, in the third photo, which was taken just 1 second after the last one, whatever it was has completely disappeared.