24 thoughts on “Breaking News! UFO Sightings Alien Body Audience Reaction Mass UFO Sightings UFOs! 2013”

  1. I am wondering why you make such videos? You are behaving like a hungry whore looking for more subscribers and money. Please respect YT viewers and stop this BS and fake videos.

    You are doing this either because you are just another bearhole and don’t really care about real Ufology and are just after money, or you are doing this because you are paid to do this FAKE shit job. In either case please stop this behavior and be aware of your fake and unreal influences on people.

  2. tu a lo tuyo y deja que los demas crean lo que quieran y tus angeles de luz me los saludas ja ja ja

  3. There is a man with an ICP Juggalo t-shirt photographing. That makes this all null & void right away.

  4. This is ridiculous…Get back to your Bibles your just waisting your time. UFOs are Satan and the Angels that fell with him. They are angels of light they are trying to confuse the human race and not trust Gods word the Bible. Concentrate on learning the truth that shall set you free…because the end is near for these system of things and this world that belongs to Satan.

  5. just like the past civilizations where taught about nuclear power so have we..the difference lies on how we use it.the key is in self government not world government of today.as long as we keep separating ourselves from the creators we will perish.in a way i`m glad i`m alive to see this unfold and on the other i`m sad for us as a race.god help us.who ever god is.. we need help.

  6. …because a change is needed in your process… Albert Einstein said respiration is the first sign of insanity…. Find out what they have to say… And let them express it from their perspective without your scripted question. Try just saying hi…. And fukn listin… Like a normal person over a beer or smoke and you will finnaly get deep equine answers… If I hear that q again I’m unsubscribing… No one has one thing to say!

  7. Open minded means not asking everyone the same premeditated question that stops their thought process… You see how he didn’t let you finish saying it and he actualy said something real!? Then you continue to ask the same dang question …. And then you got a worthless answer… And maybe listen to what people are suggesting to you because they do it to help…… Agervation doesn’t mean a suggestion is wrong… It’s like fear and hunger as a mechanism to signal you to do something

  8. Look up Boston Terrier Skull and Chihuahua skull on Google under images. You will see they look very alien.

  9. I am not a debunker I know there are other worlds with other beings but, that skull looks like a dog skull. It has dog type teeth and looks like a Shih Tzu, Pekingese or pug skull. The have flat faces and huge eye sockets.

  10. Can we really believe that every alien species that is here is here for peace and to help us? Iv heard people talk about aliens being concerned about us for 30 years plus. If they are so concerned show why not show them selves to human kind. We are not living in the 1930s any more. Humanity can take the shock of first contact. Opening your arms and heart to these aliens without being cautious could bring a whole world of trouble.

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