24 thoughts on “Book of Enoch: REAL STORY of Fallen Angels, Devils & Man (NEPHILIM, ANCIENT ALIENS, NOAHS FLOOD”

  1. Well Judy no one has ever seen energy. So i guess that means that energy does not exist. Also no one has ever seen dark or antimatter, so i guess those do not exist either. LAST (and my favorite Judy :D) No one has ever seen your brain, so i guess that does not exist either. Just like you said Judy! I am believing what i see!

  2. No one answered your questions, did they? Well, let’s see. .be strong in the Lord because He’s always there. One thing I’ve learned in my life, is even when I’ve turned my back, He never does. I’m sure the Lord is true because I FEEL Him. Deep inside my soul I feel Him. That’s how I know He’s there. I just have to be open to Him. It’s that simple, and that complicated. The rest falls into place when I let that happen. At least it works that way for me.

  3. i dont understand what you mean about the guy that says we are stupid , can you explain to me , is he the thiev?

  4. There is not only one flood survival story that was different. Nde (Apache) say that White Painted Lady survived by floating in a large Abalone Shell until she reached land. Dine (Navajos) call her White Shell Woman, or they were sisters that survived together.

  5. I totally understand this…this is so interesting we where dicussing this in our office in south africa today about how the contents moved the exact conversation and I find this clip…I have had an encounter with angels yes angels in 2012 an what an eye opener let there be light and love and many more things to come for the human race…very interesting…

  6. Hi Mark, I agree, but maybe an honest forgot…lol . Apocrophile1070 is cool, and has the BEST voice to read this! If he sees this, I hope he knows how much I appreciate him doing this! Take Care ALL 🙂 danamotriuk

  7. Do you all know that in Iraq I think so there still a tribe that adore the snake? they are outcast from their Islamic government, even the Muslims see them as pagan and low. I forgot their name but is totally true.

  8. somebody tell me why God would think that interacting with humans would be defile? Yes is true, they are 2 different creatures and one is superior to the other; so it could be like bestiality? human and animal are both God creature and God loves them both but one is superior than the other.

  9. why they keep saying that there are different races of giants, is just one, is human with demons= giants or Anunaki, so is not different species of mutation, is just one.

  10. mmm…….to feel lust you must be a human being, so maybe their purpose was just to mess up God creation. I don’t know why those angels will add more punishment to their head, look if they fell, could we fall too? I know there has to be much more to all of these.

  11. just talking about “those beautiful daughters”, there where women before all over the place, “what made these women different”? they all dress almost the same, everybody was related to everybody because it was at the beginning of humanity, and maybe the race was the same, so why all of a sudden some girls became more beautiful from the rest?

  12. Some people speak with their hands. Frankly, it is illustrative and there is nothing wrong with it. If it bothers you, then listen to the message, while NOT watching it. Personally I find it shows he has passion about what he is saying.

  13. funny in 1999 I took a lot of acid and ended up after a long night I began to come down and I ended watching one of those tv pastors and remember becoming enraged. Hearing your story about you robbing that scum is like an answer to my prayer.

  14. And when he talks about sciences it is clear that he doesn’t understand, or does not want to understand, how it works. Anyway, interesting video. One tiny advice: you seem to be too sure of yourself, which is never good, that can be the first sign of an ignorance evolving inside you. Know that you know nothing and accept the idea that everything you think you know might be wrong.

  15. The stuff about australia, where it says that aborigine teach about reptilian people who live underneath the earth and govern mankind from there, is completely wrong.

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