Blue Aliens

A few nice aliens images I found:

Blue Aliens
Image by Redgum
Taken for Active Assignment Weekly – Freelancer

The story On a late October evening, only a day from Halloween, six intrepid Flickr’ites ventured out into the dark maw of the shadow of Mt. Hood, where an eerie silence crept through the surrounding forest of Trillium lake. A hundred galaxies of stars overhead, the group moved quietly to the edge of the water where they witnessed the strangest sight they’d ever seen. Two aliens appeared amid electrified sizzling snaps and pops and the air suddenly filled with static. Not wasting a second, the brave Flickr’ites worked their cameras while the blue aliens hovered like phantom neon signs only a few feet away….shivering their alien arses off….

What it took: This shot was taken for fun as the group enjoyed watching the drastic change in the lighting high up on the side of Mt Hood. This exposure represents ISO 200, F/6.3 with 2-minute and 4 second exposure. Outre and ZenSation modeled as I walked behind them and used my small blue led light to trace their outlines.

Image by Pascal Maramis
Aliens in The Hague?

My black cat with a small green alien
Image by borgmarc
UPDATE: the cat is dead. no info about the alien.

Long esposition and some little picasa post-production (the cat name is CASSIUS, the alien name is unkown)

Una lunga esposizione e un po’ di post produzione con picasa (il nome del gatto è CASSIUS, il nome dell’alieno mi è sconosciuto)

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