10 thoughts on “Awsome Alien Videos”

  1. well first u spelled aliens wrong and i wasnt really mad at u i was just telling u that u nor i knowthat they r real. i was mad at that other dude for saying it was wierd and stupid.. i also didnt just tell u i told this other guy about how ghoust were real. i mean like where do they go when theyre dead
    im sorry

  2. I belive there are aliens somewhere. but if this was real why does it have the face of a alian that a human being has designed created and then used in a film?

  3. no both of u r wrong . this video is ligit .u just r jealous because u didnt film this video. u dont get any thing do u . i bet this is %100000000000000000000000000000 true.Aliens r Ligit as Real as u. o sorry u r not real.i mean as true as every thing is in this world u guys are just morons….o sorry i met stupid morons. sorry for the rudeness but u guys seriously need to get ur facts straight and on u being real.

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