25 thoughts on “Apollo 11 – UFOs Filmed in Cis-Lunar Space – 16mm DAC footage (stabilized/enhanced)”

  1. Glad I’m not the only one concerned about the lack of any activity on this account.

    Hope all is well Mr Cognita.

  2. Haven’t you ever heard of space debris? I would think this would be pretty obvious to someone who claims to know so much about the Apollo missions. In fact, it’s pretty clear you just read off of wikipedia with no idea as to what you are saying.
    Look up “Transposition and Docking”. It released a lot of small debris into the flight path. So did the MCC’s and urine dumps.

  3. 10 months without a new video from one of the finest producers out there… sadness is overwhelming me.

  4. LunaCognita’s lack of activity makes me nervous, I wonder if something bad has happened… 10 months and counting

  5. Omg Luna what if 2012 happens AHH MAKE NEW VIDEOS !!! lol im jk nothing will happen on dec 21, but make new vids 😀

  6. honestly, to me that looks like 1. dust 2. a inconsistency on the film 3. dust from the moon 4. a star(?)

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