24 thoughts on “Apollo 11 – The Untold Story (UFO encounters) Part 5 of 6”

  1. The Americans flew in the apollo tomoon orbit,then from moon orbit back to earth.Ascent to moon was in landing modual,no atomsphere to cause friction on moon, wall thinness of lander was quite planed and fiber reenforced at critical areas. Very amazing achievement by brave men

  2. They say they can poke their fingers through the spacecraft if they pushed hard enough saying it was like 2 layers of tinfoil then how can they get through the atmosphere without roasting an asteroid gets destroyed because the atmosphere is so deadly yet these guys go through in this fucking tinfoil thing

  3. “No manned spacecraft now exists that can withstand the radiation from the Van Allen belts, through which a craft must traverse to make it to the Moon.”
    -SpaceCast News Service, March 9, 1998

  4. Would you get onto a spacecraft that is heading to
    the moon after watching a monkey die after only
    nine days in Earth orbit? Well, a week after that
    monkey died, Apollo 11 took off for the moon.

  5. John Glenn and other early astronauts spent only
    a few hours in earth orbit. Before sending people
    to the moon, NASA decided to conduct an
    experiment to determine the effect of a longer
    space flight. So on 29 June 1969 NASA sent a
    monkey into orbit around the earth for 30 days.
    Unfortunately, after a few days the monkey’s
    health began deteriorating, and by the ninth day
    NASA decided to bring the spacecraft down. The
    monkey died eight hours after the spacecraft was

  6. APOLLO was FAKE
    1 radiation problems never overcome,
    2 instability of untested lunar module were never overcome
    3 no blast crater
    4 no blast exhaust from lunar takeoff
    5 perfect film shots with no degradation of film from radiation exposure
    6 perfect film shots of astronauts in shadows proving secondary light sources were used as in a stage setting.
    7. Armstrong lying about never seeing stars in space etc
    Any body who has seriously looked at the evidence knows that the landings were FAKE.

  7. “No manned spacecraft now exists that can withstand the radiation from the Van Allen belts, through which a craft must traverse to make it to the Moon.”
    -SpaceCast News Service, March 9, 1998

  8. It was faked. Anybody who knows history remembers the Space War with the USSR and how they were ahead. What better way was there to beat them by faking a moon landing.
    Why has no other Country tried going to the moon? As the USSR said it best. We dont have to try because we already know its IMPOSSIBLE

  9. It was a race to collect alien technology. Once the U.S. got it, there was no point for anyone to go back

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  11. “Anybody who knows history” Wow, that’s rich. Guess what, nut job? There is absolutely NO WAY a conspiracy of such magnitude could survive 40+ years without atleast one insider spilling his guts. Let alone a few astronauts. I’m willing to bet there is very little in this life you ARE satisfied with. We went to THE MOON. Get over it.

  12. I directed that movie. It’s fake. Buzz and Neil are walking around living lies. We had actors. It was actually Tom Cruz and Bruce Willis on set. Every bit of knowledge that Neil and buzz have about what happened in 69 is just part of the script. Apollo 11-17 minus 13 = history. When 5 missions are successfully completed within 10 yrs why the hell do u stop? That’s the question.

  13. And anyone who knows science knows you’re an idiot. We have physical proof. It No other country tried because it was so damn expensive. Why do you think the USA canceled 3 apollo missions? Its all about money.

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