24 thoughts on “Aliens UFO OVNI`s Best ever UFO Capture Live aliens spaceship UFO controlled Alien Beings”

  1. The word on this “proven fake” business is that it’s actually footage of a yacht on the water.

    Doesn’t look like a yacht to me.

  2. Interesting footage but to claim you can see the “occupants” of said object is a stretch. In fact it’s quite contrived and discredits the rest of the recordings. Probably another fake.

  3. Obviously a weather balloon/Chinese lantern/ rc toy/ swamp glass, satellite/ fireworks/ Al Queada, You people are all crazy and insane! Aliens don’t exist only humans do because I say so

  4. I think that these aliens had it coming, because no one f*cks with Dr.Lear, the man is genuine as he stands there, the bringer of knowlegde and understanding, and dont forget the implants he discovered by many people, these implants are real, I had a few myself and they are removed now, but I think its wrong to remove them, dont ask me why…;-)

  5. its real 100% Genuine……..imagine if u were the aliens what were they thinking they got caught slippin lol

  6. I love the video the talk all the close ups .real good .o but if that’s real .we have no chance

  7. Not a fake.. I remember seeing this a while back here in Australia on the news. Apparently this happened in Turkey in May 2010 I think it was. dunno but glad to see someone made an extreem close up of the craft. it’s really strange. However this footage has only baffled scientists as they’re finding it hard to class it as a fake. They’ve run a lot of tests on it to try and prove if it were fake but the tests came back normal.

  8. Recently proven to be fake ! Even more very evidently obviously visibly FAKE !!!
    No point of reference , only extreme close up ..

  9. This is an interesting video….but I’ve been seeing these pulsating rainbow colored UFO’s for 3 weeks now in St George,Utah..nightly…really strange…has anyone else seen them? You can see the Amazing footage I’ve taken of them by clicking my MoonDawgee channel moniker under this comment box…after you see the video’s I’ve taken ..(11 video’s so far of these UFO’s)…please, tell me if you’ve ever seen these kind before…and where? Thanks…I’m just trying to get some answer’s.

  10. Better check this video before you think you know something about ufo ! Links: watch?v=R9veMGPsfiQ and second link:watch?v=OmQyJLUhDZc&feature=related ,
    “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves” – this said our Saviour Jesus Christ in hebrew: Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, in greek: Ἰησοῦς Χριστός-Iesous Christos- Matthew 7:15, King James Bible

  11. Is this real or fake. I see alot of people are saying genuine but there’s almost the same amount of people saying it’s a hoax.

  12. They already showed what this is. It is the upper side of a cruise liner. The camera was pointed at the horizon and part of the thing was occluded. Next!

  13. Well said. Capslock and all!!!! 🙂 totally agree!!

    Just because i have no fucking idea who’s name that other one was that i posted under, I wanted MY youtube name, giviung you props. lol. Anyhoo….let the games begin! 😀

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