25 thoughts on “Aliens Caught on Tape! Aired on Montell Williams Confirmed by Sylvia Browne – UFO sighting”

  1. If Sylvia confirms it, it must be true. It’s not like all the times she’s been completely discredited would cause me to doubt her, or anything.

  2. truth is absolute..if two peeps have opposing opinions one or both are wrong..now to the point…aliens are demons. period. if you don’t know this inarguable fact yet you simply haven’t done enough research..i saw something yrs back led to yrs of research and the ONLY truth about aliens is they are demons. don’t bother arguing you’re ignorant if don’t know this yet.

  3. She is a lying POS, sued for fraud and caught lying about countless high profile cases like the 3 ohio cellar girls.

  4. I dont believe or disbelieve. I am waiting for proof either way. You make an assertian, it is your responsibility to prove that assertian. It would be like me telling you that i created the earth in a science class, but wiped everyones memories of it and then asking you to rpove that i didn’t. Get it?

  5. You just said earlier that you never said that you didn’t believe!
    I already told you! YOU GO FIRST.. prove to me that they don’t exist.. I’m not here to prove shit to you, furthermore.. I don’t care WHAT you believe.. I’m not wasting my time with you anymore.

  6. No mate. You made the initial assertian that ‘angels are real’. Im not saying they are not real, im asking you to prove the statement you made. If you can prove it, i will believe they exist. But untill you cannot back up or prove your statement, i have no reason to believe you.

  7. I didn’t say that you did say that! What the hell are you talking about? You said prove it.. I said go first.. learn how to communicate with people before you open your wide trap.

  8. I would not believe anything SYIVIA would think or say. She is the one that told alady her love one was dead.The lady she told her love one was dead was one of the three girls that were abducted for few years.And as for the reflected eyes thats a space suit.They are not demone we are.

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