1. I agree, in fact if we explore this whole subject, there are aliens who have a deep believe in god and were sent by him, i dont know why people associate God to a primitive thought…if science itself change its believes every decade or so…

  2. I def agree with you..well except the invisible gods thing. my God is very clear to me. But you will figure that out at some point. everything else your very right about. 🙂

  3. i’m scared… i have paranoia and when i get stressed have delusions . i shouldn’t be watching this. im such a dickhead.

  4. This comment was meant sarcastically right? They can traverse space in crafts beyond our comprehension? And what makes us so special above them?

  5. Who are you to say aliens don’t exsist did you know there are as much planets in the universe as there are as many grains of sand on every beach on this world and there is so much evidence and god who knows could exsist we don’t know shit we don’t even know what’s at the bottom of our own ocean

  6. Randall, I remember watching a video with the tape of a radio interview to Bob…I’ll try to see later if I have a copy of it in my files, but in the meantime you can try to locate it here on YouTube by typing in” Bob Dean – radio interview” and the video should come up that way.

  7. Of course it’s Bob dean’s voice i’d know it anywhere. I have been looking for Bob Dean videos where he speaks of his time on Melina was it, I for one believe his stuff. Do you know anywhere that he talks about it?

  8. Mr. Dean must be one of the few human contactees who has had a lot of positive and in-depth relationship with ET…He was lucky enough to be contacted by a human species of the benevolent type, as opposed to the malevolent Greys and Reptilians, and over the years he was taken aboard their spaceships and even spent a lot of time on the ET’s planet.
    You can find many videos regarding his experience in YouTube.

  9. I would like to say this if men got him self abducted, then that is definitely alien who know…

    But if a young and sexy girl got herself abducted, then that is definitely not Alien but
    ( Rapists ) beware…

  10. all i can tell you is the voice in the beginning of the video sounds identical to a man who investigates, or did UFO’s named Bob Dean. he’s on project camelot allot, was major influence in abduction speaches but is very old now. It sounds identical to his voice

  11. continuing.. 10 seconds later, when wee serched the litle fragment of the sky with our eyes, something moved about 90degrees in other direction dissapiring like an meteorite. Im interesting in some physics and cosmology and only “NORMAL” explanaition is like: falling star crossing path of satelite making look like object changing direction. Almost imposible, becouse what happend to the path of satelite that wee saw on this clear sommer sky!? Have open mind and dont let ppl make think u are crazy

  12. When i was 13-14, i was by my friend with my parents. Was about 21:00 or later, parents have grill and drinking a litl bit of vodka togeter(they where friends before my birth) 2 of us was skating on basketball field or something(sorry for bad english) In one moment we was looking on some object in the clear sky that was flying like an ordinary satelite. We have done some jokes like “look a ufo heheh” Then in some 20 seconds it stoped…

  13. The Watchers were angels who began to lust for human women and, defected en masse and materialized to illicitly procreate among them. The offspring of these unions were the Nephilim, hybrid giants who pillaged the earth and endangered human kind.

  14. continued further:
    And because i have heard of hypnosis being done on abductees, i would love to be hypnotised, to find out what, if anything, happened to me. I would honestly love to know if i have been in that craft and what the aliens were like.
    The thing is i did not see it leave the area, it was there, then it wasn’t. But 2 hours were missing so i believe they took me, but i recall absolutely nothing of seeing any aliens like these other people have, which is frustrating when i think back.

  15. Continued from below:
    I had been out with a mate, and before we set off home we got a chip butty, by the time we seperated, (as he lived in a different direction), i had eaten half the sandwich, and that’s when i saw the craft, it was close by moving in the direction of my street, so with the excitement and disbelief, i slung that butty to the floor and ran as fast as i could til i was practically beneath it. It was,blacker than the sky and did not make a single sound. Next thing it was gone,

  16. I lost 2 hours after contact with a UFO, when i was 14. So why do i not recall anything, apart from seeing the UFO, I had to be home for 11.30, and i saw the craft when i was feet from home so when i got home the doors were locked, house in darkness. My gran answered the door extremely annoyed saying, “what time do you call this, etc, etc”, i thought, what are you talking about and went to look at the clock, and it said 01.30, i was 2 hours late. I never told anyone til i was around 30 yrs old.

  17. I cannot believe some people insult the intelligence of these poor people who have had a horrific experience with these abductions by these evil entities, by saying that they have hallucinated,dreamt, or imagined these experiences, We as human beings certainly know the difference between reality and a dream or hallucinations,it really annoys me that they can insult the victims in such a way, they didnt have their experiences, the victims did, and my heart goes out to all alien abductees

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