Alien Abductions 1 of 5

Alien Abductions shown on the History Channel.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Must see!! Actual alien abduction cought by security cam.

This truly could be the first real video (taken by a security camera) showing an actual alien abduction captured on film! Please leave your thoughts!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

43 thoughts on “Alien Abductions 1 of 5”

  1. something the government was working on that emitted an electrical charge that knocked Travis out. Who knows. But I do believe Travis’s story anyway.

  2. One more thing, claiming that people are out to make money with their stories, sure in some cases, but what about celebrities and people with plenty of money and who are already in the spotlight who have been abducted? Why risk ruining your careers that you’re happy in for something that’s untrue? And why go into such detail? Furthermore, Travis’s story has never changed. I don’t know if he was taken by aliens, but I believe Travis believes it and so do his logger friends. Maybe they saw (more)

  3. I’ve seen several accounts now of Travis’s story and it’s annoying the way that some interviews will omit certain things like the fact that there was a device over Travis’s chest when he woke up, and that he knocked it off. Another story I saw claimed that there was a device over travis’s head coming down to his eye, like in the movie, which is COMPLETELY false according to Travis. You see how stuff gets changed from it’s original truth and then how the media distorts it further?

  4. i saw a ufo last night .it was larger than a star and orange white it moved faster than a jet and stopped then sped up. and it just faded away.

  5. Same here, did you ever watch the documentary: aliens, ufo and the question of contact?

    Or read this book: Hyperdimensions and the Process of Alien Abduction

    Richard Dolan wrote a review about it, you might want to check it out.

    – All of this material goes a lot of deeper about what you just mentioned.

  6. they can looks different in some points, but the problem is that if those beings are from multidimensional origins, it will mean that we can simple not studied them properly. we only know 3 dimensions and all our knowledge is based on 3 dimensions, everything out of this 3 dimensions will be imposible to understand correctly, we can just learn theories, but there`s no guarantee at all that those theories are right, i still believe that those sights are the product of inter-dimentional beings.

  7. Ghosts, demons, and aliens are too different to label as the same thing. I’ve studied both ghosts and demons compared to aliens. VERY different. Especially demons. Very different.

  8. People are idiots the Government is covering this up and people are brain washed by our Government. All 7 of them passed lie Detector tests there is no doubt in my mind this guy isn’t crazy

  9. If he was brought to the mothership outside of earth. I wonder how far into space they were? I heard in a documentary that humans cannot withstand so many G’s. Also dont us humans wear a Special space suite. Thats why I carry my cellphone with me at all times. I can videotape it and youtube it. Beem me up scottie

  10. Thats what i say i just wish they dont want to harm us or do unwanted experiments on our bodies. If they are good beings with good intentions then it would be nice to meet them but preferably around more people because it would sure as hell be scary to come face to face with some other intelligent beings from another planet and even worse if they just stare at you while everything is silent.

  11. Trouble is, Mac, if you ever run into these evil beings – The big-headed, big eyed, short sized, gray skinned ET’s – chances are you’ll be abducted just like millions have been before…and when they get you it won’t be to share a beer with you !
    Things would be different if you’re lucky enough to encounter one of the alien races simmilar to us earthlings – which are abundant – since they don’t abduct anybody and most of them are friendly although they are not prone to contacts.

  12. the age is alreaady ended. Plus there is no god of Israel, as its a country stolen to their owner by war intimidation torture etc etc.


  14. There is so much more to this phenomenon than what is being mentioned in this short and painfully brief documentary. The documentary, while entertaining to me, has the potential of seeming to be fictional for those which have not done any research into this topic (of UFOs and extraterrestrials). Some may be inclined to believe that this is simply only sleep-paralysis. Not true. Many have been kidnapped while being wide awake and with many key witnesses nearby. This is NOT sleep-paralysis!

  15. Hilarious. How do we know that he didn’t just get electrocuted and fall down, wake up two hours later and puke?

  16. it would be mathmactically impossible for us to be the only race in this universe i do not beleive it and i will never be convinced that we are the only people to exsist.. i do not beleive in god but yet it’s the same basic concept you either have faith or you don’t, you don’t need evidence but it’s always good to have.

  17. The man disabled the cameras whilst he had a drinking spree at work – and then puked after he switched them on – his boss found out he’d been drunk at work and dismissed him….seems consistent with the video….but no aliens.

  18. No lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pause iht at 10:00 wen the light re appears I would sware on my life flip yur phone upside down nd look at the shadow in the light ihts a aliens big head and skinni neckk I swaree to God to the aliens God!

  19. Have any proof about this? People just do not disappear. It would suck if they did, however
    Me: STEVE! Did you see that!?
    Me: Johnny disappeared!
    Now really, have you heard any converstations like this one I just came up with for a joke?

  20. we showed the tapes to experts. Expert number 1 is a well known hypontherapist and abductee counsellor! The fuking definition of expert does not cover loon balls like this woman.

  21. Fuck this BULLSHIT im fucking sick of it! This shit is just blasphonmy, propaganda, and apart of the zeitgiest so you will think aliens an ufos are bullshit but they are NOT stupid shit like this and shows like ‘ufo chasers’ are fucking BULLSHIT!!!!!

  22. Study some of the interviews on Project Camelot & go to the CIA’s website & click on “the vault”. It’s not a conspiracy, rather common knowledge in the intelligence and science communities.
    Human’s are not at the top of the proverbial food chain. If anything, humans lack some of the most basic knowledge that our ancient ancestors once used as common knowledge.
    80% of US history is still classified. Why? Because those who keep/suppress high tech, keep the wealth & power from the sheeple.

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