25 thoughts on “4 Month Air-Force UFO Investigation – Brazil 1977. Pt2 of 9”

  1. Aliens aren’t beings from other worlds; they are demons/fallen angels that are trying to put one over on the world and make them THINK they are being from other worlds, when in actuality, they are simply trying to continue what they did in antiquity: mix humans with themselves to my a hybrid race. Hence the reason you hear about people being abducted and having experiments done on them, namely sperm and egg cell removal and disappearing pregnancies.

  2. seems like these ufo’s only picked on the weak and the helpless….why don’t come to new york city or the white house and do this?

    Could it be some military experimenting on these helpless folks?

  3. This video comes from history channel… if it where from NGC i would believ it..

    there’s alot of bullshit on history channel imo…therefore i can’t believ anything what comes from history channel.

  4. When you make comments like that, you have to be retarded. So your saying that all those people that winessed this event are crazy? rightt…


  5. So.. 80 people faked their injuries, and the Brazillian Air-Force undertook a serious 4 month scientific investigation along with private doctors, one of whom witnessed the event first hand, all just to get attention.. yeah, I think you could be right. I mean, it was a small hick peasant village no-one had ever heard of right? So they make this whole thing up to get the world’s attention and voila! instant tourist trade!!! well done Cheesball! you exposed em! damned attention seekers! grr..

  6. According to the Air-Force investigating officer Cpt Hollanda they were actual space craft. He was also visitedby an alien.

  7. impressive eyewitness accounts. .to say the least. .probably some kind of paranormal ariel phenomena as opposed to “nuts and bolts” craft. .

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