Can UFOs Advance Science? A New Look at the Evidence

Can UFOs Advance Science? A New Look at the Evidence
Canberra, Australia — (SBWIRE) — 05/29/2013 — SUNRISE Information Services will attempt to do what the scientific community considers impossible: to solve the UFO mystery and advance science from the study of UFOs. However, it needs public …
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UFOs vs. Earth: Low Intensity Warfare?
[This article originally appeared in Tim Beckley's Unsolved UFO Mysteries magazine in 1994. The electronic file was recently rediscovered during a hard drive scan and we're sharing it with our readers 18 years later! — SC]. Captain Charles Wendorf's …
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UFO Explodes Over South Carolina?
An unidentified flying object exploded over the skies in Greenville County, South Carolina. Although it's unclear what the object is, it's seen on camera exploding, lighting the sky blue for a few seconds. Astronomers believe it could have been a …
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UFO spotted above North Shore mountains, claims Vancouver photographer
VANCOUVER — On Saturday morning around 10 a.m., Vancouver resident and amateur photographer Anthony Ellis snapped a photo of the North Shore Mountain. It wasn't until he got home and viewed the digital photo on his computer that he saw the speck …
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Nice Alien Abductions photos

A few nice alien abductions images I found:

Colored Lights Projected onto Sidewalk
alien abductions
Image by the bridge
On Saturday, January 31, 2009, my friends and I saw "Jesus Christ Superstar" at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia. It was very cold, probably around 20 degrees with a breeze blowing. The first place we went was Fogo De Chao and I consumed mass quantities of a magnificent salad bar and the subsequent servings of freshly cooked meats! And, yes, meats, plural! After your salad, you flip a card with the green side up which indicates you want meat! And they come to your table with freshly cooked beef (sirloin, filet mignon, etc.), pork, lamb, bison, chicken, sausages, etc.!! I think next time I will have to wear my stretchy pants!

Then it happened again … yesterday
alien abductions
Image by dbwalker
30 years ago, Cletus had gone missing. All they found was his truck on the side of the road, still running.

His wife and daughter cried, his dad came down off the mountain for a few days for the funeral then went back up again.

30 years later, Cletus stepped out of the truck, naked… and asked a stranger for a smoke. He never said what happened, where he had been. He just went up the hill to his daddy’s shack.

( 2 Vivitar 285HV’s propped on the back of the bench seat with the Cactus V2 wireless units… and yes, you need fresh batteries in the flashes or they dont work with the catctus at all…. )

217 of 365: I want to be an abductee
alien abductions
Image by dumbledad
I’ve been remembering a poem I enjoyed by Heathcote Williams called "I want to be an abductee". I don’t think it’s published but I came across it when Heathcote attended a multimedia lab I was at, taking place in Bore Place and organised by Susan Benn of the Performing Arts Lab and Frank Boyd of Unexpected Media.
I’m also a sucker for the various font design pictures that crop up on ffffound. This one: led me to which in turn took me to
(N.B. The toe socks are the models own (as they say in the colour sup’), brought from Muji.)


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