Cool About Ufo images

Some cool about ufo images:

Viewminder On the UFO Hunters Set
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Image by Viewminder
Talking about some strange lights in the night sky that I captured on video in a famous ‘UFO’ incident.

The cameraman played with my camera while the interview went down and he grabbed this shot of me on one of the monitors.

The History Channel is the only thing I really watch on TV… maybe The Discovery Channel too… so I was really happy to get a chance to be on the season premier of this show.

My interview was the one that the network used as a ‘teaser’ shot to promote the episode all week long.

I still don’t know what that thing was that I shot with the video camera.

Göreme UFO Museum
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Image by Rich_Lem
Here’s what goes on inside the UFO Museum I mentioned earlier in the stream – your captors coil festive lights about you and then cover you with a sheet. Much more agreeable than the infamous alternatives.

135w Hydro UFO LED Grow Light 45pcs*3W Led’s 3 Band Wavelength USA Reviews

135w Hydro UFO LED Grow Light 45pcs*3W Led’s 3 Band Wavelength USA

135w Hydro UFO LED Grow Light 45pcs*3W Led's 3 Band Wavelength USA

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  • Input Voltage(V):AC 85-265V

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List Price: $ 125.99

Price: $ 125.99

Nice About Ufo photos

Some cool about ufo images:

Rush + UFO + Max Webster Municipal Auditorium October 22, 1977
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Image by Howdy, I’m H. Michael Karshis
This killer show was in support of their 5th studio album, A Farewell To Kings. The album would become Rush’s first US Gold selling album going Gold in almost two months of its release and eventually Platinum.

In general, 1977 was a great year for me and especially for albums, for sure one of my favorite years as far as music goes.. I was a sophomore at Madison High School, had a huge crush on this Italian girl named Anita, a weekend gig at Northern Hills Golf Course and so I had a little cash for music and concerts.

The more I think about it the more I realize how lucky I was to have such awesome bands providing the soundtrack to my life. A few of these albums* truly changed my life:

Cat Scratch Fever from the Nuge, *AC/DC – Let There Be Rock, UFO Lights Out, Meatloaf’s Bat Out Of Hell, Live at the El Mocambo from April Wine, Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors, Ramones Rocket To Russia, Jackson Browne’s Running On Empty, Elvis Costellos’ My Aim Is True! Plus the first Clash album, Jimmy Buffett’s Changes In Latitude (with Margaritaville), *Steely Dan’s Aja, *Even in the Quietest Moments from Supertramp, the Grand Illusion from Styx, *Point of No Return from Kansas, Sin After Sin by Judas Priest, Billy Joel’s The Stranger, Kraftwerk’s Trans Europe Express and last but not least *Tom Petty & the Heart Breakers first lp!

I was lucky enough to see all of the above live excluding Meatloaf, Supertramp and Kraftwerk.

Let There Be Rock indeed.

3.21.07 UFO/ORBS
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Image by trailsinaustin
So much activity all in one place all at the same time and nobody knows why or who is doing this. This picture was taken above my residence in austin, tx usa on 3.21.07.
This may be the biggest government cover-up of all time. Do you think that many aircraft would be allowed in our air space if the government didn’t know about it?
For more information put chemtrails in google.

For more information put chemtrails in google.

Roswell UFO Museum
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Image by InSapphoWeTrust
This is a tacky tourist trap that delves into the reason that put Roswell on the map. Namely, a UFO reputedly crashed in the north part of town on private property in 1947, and the three alien corpses, and the remains of the UFO, were taken to a secret government base (usually considered to be Area 51, Groom Lake, Nevada) for analysis.

And this diorama surely shows an Area 51 surgeon about to examine an alien corpse.