UFO sighting startles Thai school students

UFO sighting startles Thai school students
Curiously, today's alien visitors to earth appear to have reverted to vintage spacecraft: the UFO looks uncannily like the flying saucer in the famous Adamski photograph taken in California in the 1950s – later revealed to be a truck hubcap. View the …
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Foto UFO Gemparkan Sekolah Di Thailand
Anehnya, bentuk UFO tersebut mirip penampakan klasik dari foto penampakan UFO 'Adamski' yang terkenal, yang diambil di California, AS pada 1950-an. Namun, menurut penampakan UFO itu palsu. Ini hanyalah berupa manipulasi digital belaka dengan …
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Triangolo delle Bermuda | STORIA E SPARIZIONI
Secondo gli ufologi, gli alieni considerano come loro territorio di volo l'area del triangolo delle Bermude, essendo area da loro frequentata da secoli (è ciò che disse George Adamski, il più famoso dei contattisti) e non tollerano la presenza di …
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True UFO Accounts: From the Vaults of FATE Magazine Reviews

True UFO Accounts: From the Vaults of FATE Magazine

True UFO Accounts: From the Vaults of FATE Magazine

  • True tales of close encounters.
  • Incredible collection of true accounts.
  • Softcover; 264 pgs.

Flying saucers, government cover-ups, shadowcraft, reptilians, Nordics, Greys… Stories about UFOs and alien contact have been around since the late 1800s, when newspapers reported sightings of mysterious flying airships. The fascination with unidentified flying objects has only intensified with time-every UFO sighting, movie, or television show that focuses on aliens creates a new set of fans. For more than 60 years, FATE magazine has reported on the strange and unexplained. This incredible

List Price: $ 15.95

Price: $ 2.93

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Illuminati is behind ALL real UFO activity – Demonic Manifestations

The Satanic Illuminati explained: www.youtube.com The 25 Illuminati goals explained by Ted Gunderson: www.youtube.com Illuminati behind 9/11: NEW 2012 HQ FOOTAGE OF WTC MILITARY PLANE/DRONES USED FOR THE ATTACKS: www.youtube.com Unless you have spent a few hours on the Illuminati and have seen documentaries like Zeitgeist part 2 and 3, this will not make sense to you, so before watching, you should research the Illuminati more, starting with the documentation by William Guy Carr (book Pawns in the Game, free on the internet in PDF). This video just scratches the surface, watch all the other videos here on this channel, especially the video “Reptilian Eyes Explained”, and “Bill Cooper – The Satanic 9/11 Ritual). If you still have doubts about UFOs or still need some visual evidence as well as the testimonies of respected NWO researchers, here is the video to see. Covers John Todd’s, Kent Hovind’s, Bill Cooper’s and Fritz Springmeier’s reesarch into ufology, the disclosure project hoax, and the Illuminati plan for 2010-2012 and more. This is a very important video, I wish everyone in the world could see it, even if people don’t believe it now, they certainly will once when the Illuminati plays their UFO card, and trust me, after all the disasters, earthquakes, polution, oil-spillage and fuelshortage the Illuminati will move for phase 2.

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UFO House at Night I

A few nice 2012 ufo images I found:

UFO House at Night I
2012 ufo
Image by Doha Sam
Pacemaker Crown Graphic with Schneider Kreuznach Super Angulon 90mm f8 wide angle lens. Kodak Portra 160 negative film.

600 seconds

This was taken on a photo outing with my good friend, Wessel. In fact, the prime objective for me was to get some decent night shots of this strange construction before it disappears.

A wiser man would not have been down to his slowest films as he arrived at his darkest subjects…

UFO House Doha I Drum Scan
2012 ufo
Image by Doha Sam
Pacemaker Crown Graphic large format 4×5 camera with Fuji Velvia 100F slide film.

Exposure details:
Date: 2012-01-13
Time: 10pm
Shutter Speed: 600 seconds
Aperture: f22

So far this is my favourite of the images taken on the outing with Wessel.

This is the drum scan done by Tim Parkin. The detail is astounding.

Previous crummy scan by my flatbed scanner here for comparison:

P.S. It turns out my suspicions that I’d better photograph it soon were well founded…

Chuck Missler: The Nephilim, Ancient Cities, UFOs, And The Electric Universe

Chuck Missler: The Nephilim, Ancient Cities, UFOs, And The Electric Universe
During this 45 minute interview, Chuck talks about secret societies, the return of the Nephilim, the inter-dimensional nature of UFOs, and other mysteries from a scientific as well as a Biblical point of view. Though we only touch on the many subjects …
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The Lessons Of 'Angel'
The "senior partners" are ancient interdimensional demons. The venal …. (By the early 2000s, a popular television miniseries produced by Steven Spielberg would portray all UFOs as the very mandalas Jung connected to the phenomenon. In this way, it …
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First acts announced for Dimensions Festival 2013
Ambient sounds will come courtesy of Mercury nominated Portico Quartet whilst Hessle Audio's Pearson Sound, Pangaea and Ben UFO will be on hand with their distinctive sound of percussion fused Dubstep. 2012's … The city of Pula, in the stunning …
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Astronaut Gordon Cooper Talks About UFOs

Mercury 9 and Gemini 5 astronaut Gordon Cooper talks about his UFO sightings and experiences. Okay, since somebody is questioning about UFO footage and Youtube doesn’t allow links in the comments section, here’s a short temporary video I put up that I will be adding a bunch more UFO videos to before posting to Youtube, plus one of Buzz Aldrin talking about his UFO experience. s127.photobucket.com s127.photobucket.com