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UFO Fly-By (or Airplane Lights)
Image by AlphaTangoBravo / Adam Baker
30 sec exposure at f/3.2.

The moon was almost full and the glittering lights of Las Vegas certainly aren’t far; the sky was just too bright for star trails.

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Possible UFO sighting in Illinois
HECKER, IL (CNN/KPLR) — Some people in southern Illinois are reporting something strange hovering in the skies in recent days and nobody knows what it is. We've got images of the lights from a local newspaper, and they bring to mind the movie "Close …
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UFO War in Antarctica: fact or fiction?
According to John Kettler, a former US military contractor and scientist, there is an expanding UFO war that is now taking place in waters off Antarctica. Kettler cites unnamed “sensitive sources” to substantiate his claims that a US led coalition of …
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Michigan couple shocked after close encounter with triangle object
Michigan is a current UFO ALERT 3 rating, with a high number of UFO sightings nationally. Michigan had 37 reports in September 2012 – the 4th highest reporting state while California had 69 reports – the highest reporting state in the nation. These …

Lastest Ufo News

UFO over eastern Kentucky creates a buzz (video)
Friday, news of an unidentified flying object (UFO) flying over Kentucky has created a buzz; numerous witnesses reported that they watched the UFO hover over eastern Kentucky skies for two hours last week and the video placed on YouTube recently has …

UFO: Myrtle Beach pulsates – with lights in the sky
Myrtle Beach is one of South Carolina's most happening places and a favourite with students from chillier northern areas. Every school break has this beach resort pulsating with life and energy as thousands of teenagers and young adults party the night …

'Alien life will be found within 50 years'

'Alien life will be found within 50 years'
Asked if recent discoveries of Earth-like planets meant that we were closer to discovering proof of alien life within the next 50 years, he said: "Yes, we are not far off. We have found other planets. The next stage is to detect the atmosphere." Sir …
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XCOM Enemy Unknown PC Patch Brings 1080p Videos, Fixes
PC gamers taking on the alien invasion can breathe a sigh of relief, fixes are here. Published on Oct 16, 2012. We've already mentioned how fantastic XCOM: Enemy Unknown is, but that doesn't mean it's not without its problems. PC gamers have had a few …
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Project explores alien sexuality
The screening itself was composed of selected videos from the DVD, as well as readings from the book. Silver, sporting what looked like an alien space helmet, read passages from her work. As the screening continued, the audience was shocked, confused, …
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British 'UFO' Hacker Wins 10-year Extradition Battle

British 'UFO' Hacker Wins 10-year Extradition Battle
"Contrary to everything the US Government and NASA have to say about the subject of UFO's, Aliens and Ancient structures and technology they cannot explain such things do and have for as long (and before) as Man has existed on this planet. There was a …
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Mayan Doomsday Clock reveals U.S. Presidential Election Results
UFO Sightings Daily reports that Barack Obama's victory in the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election is a part of the “End of Times” scenario constructed by the Archon architects of the Mayan Calendar. Dr. John Lash reveals ancient Pagan Gnostic insights …

Multiple UFOs Spotted in Clouds Above Maui
Three UFO orbs were filmed Sunday hovering above Maui, Hawaii during a violent thunderstorm. Are they spaceships? Weather balloons? What is your opinion? It's interesting any time there is paranormal activity in Hawaii. The islands are full of ancient …