8 thoughts on “2012 UFO ALIEN INVASION FALSE FLAG – Amazing Architecture Of The Ancient Global Empire (Part 16)”

  1. Daniel, I want to know what the song is @ 12:05… I have heard this throughout MANY of your videos and am inlove with that voice.

  2. As I watch the video, I can’t Help but wonder about How Many Times, We, Humans, Have had Great Technology, Then Some Kind of Cataclysm Happens! I Think We are in Our Third or So Time, of Repopulating This Planet! And I Think it Is Going To Happen Again! If We Can’t Learn From History, We Are Doomed To Repeat It! Thanks for the video! Peace! Nick

  3. nice music, the womans voice reminds me of opera, usually though i dont go for opera, funny..
    audio levels on this one seem ok

  4. such large stones, a landing pad, it must be. stone of the south i think you have in your vid, i think thats its name. walls so well made, maybe a wall to keep the aliens out , ha ha ha ha, more likely though the tech was given to us from aliens to build these things

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