24 thoughts on “(2010) The UFO Activity – Proof of a Demonic Deception – PART 5, Ancient Aliens or Demons?”

  1. If I can get a demon to move osme shit around and get me pussy and money than hell yeah demons where ya at

  2. Maxwell brings up some good points, the old testement is LOADED with strange encounters, the dark angel that FIGHTS with Jacob? HUH? Then leaves, but then calls him “israel”. Was that GOD? Jesus say’s GOD IS LIGHT, Rules from the 3rd heaven, so someone please grant me a WTF? As far as LOT goes, why didn’t he just head over to Abraham? Why pack so much wine when fleeing for your life that you head strait to cave a pork your kids? Ever had “whisky dick?”, the good book blames the kids for it all.

  3. True, actually, the cross is a form of idol worship, the crucifix, even worse. GOD is LIGHT, nothing HIDDEN, no DARKNESS in him. “Give glory to my FATHER who is in HEAVEN”. The spirit of anti-christ is pervasive, everywhere. This is the valley of the shadow of death, and that shadow is always ready to make deal.

  4. Islam teaches about these evil spirits and their intentions and even their dimension. Islam has short prayers that make these demons disappear instantly, been tried and it works, they will never show you on tv an excorcism being done by a muslim Sheik because he will get the demon out within seconds, and that’s why the masonic media portray muslim as the worst in the world because their demons are threatened by islam, Chris Angel will never hover around a muslim i guarantee that

  5. leave Christianity alone, and stop doing things because those before you have convinced you of something. If you’ve been talked into your faith, you can be talked out of it. Everyone needs to get saved, take it or leave it, you’ll never see the beauty of it and the need of many, the what and the why, only what you are convinced of, other wise.

  6. And currently, I am not a Christian. But I didn’t spend almost 6 years going over and over, through an through material, 100’s of vids, tons of documents downloaded or hard copy, numerous hour plus debates to keep hearing the same thing over and over. It gets to a point where it’s just ridiculous. If you you want to be a pagan (Wiccan, Necromancer, Witch, Druid etc) an Atheist, into Spiritual practice (Buddhist etc), Satanist or New Ager, or different group like Islam, it’s unfortunate but->

  7. No informed individual, or informed Christian (unless they are Catholic) thinks Roman Catholicism and the Pope, represent Christianity. THE church, is all Christians that are saved, everywhere on the planet. I see the word play, adding in “nor did they regard Jesus” because obviously you’re a Muslim, and this is what you will learn. Christians have always….ALWAYS, praised Jesus, the only begotten son of the father, even if you disagree, history shows it long before the Catholic church.

  8. They also disregard, Mormons, Calvinist, 7th Day Adventist, Jehovah Witnesses and any other group (New Agers who claims Jesus was an ascended master) that seeks to spread a different gospel (good news-that Jesus died for everyone’s sin and everyone needs to be saved by him, through him, getting salvation) This was with Christians from the get go. And the reason they didn’t make crosses and portraits were because they were afraid it violated their practices/commandments, idol worship.

  9. Rome was tried to get rid of Christians then, and even during the time Rome became Roman Catholic, persecuting anyone who violated what they said was the truth. it was heresy to give people scripture in their language, you needed to go to the Catholic Church to have them tell you what it meant. Protestants (protesting against Catholicism) came out of all that persecution, protesting what Rome does with scripture, thus, many Christians are either non-denominational or Protestant.

  10. Non Catholic? you are ware that most Christians do not regard the Vatican and it’s doctrine as Christian right? I’ve noticed a trend amongst those who want to speak against Christianity….you guys think Catholicism IS Christianity. Christians exist all around the world, united by faith in Jesus, this was before Roman Catholicism and before Islam (Time of Muhammad 500-600 after Jesus died) This is simple History. Christians always believed on Christ and early Christians were mostly Jews.

  11. We are in the process of this as we speak with earth worship, a doctrine of the hatred of human beings, the veneration of lower creatures & the “New Age Religion” in general. They created the idols of “Catholicism”, including the “Trinity” & “Cross” which Protestants still use today, not understanding the origin of those symbols, such that the Religion could be UNDERMINED & DECONSTRUCTED when the time was appropriate for them. We must investigate what was Jesus PBUH’s true message of guidance?

  12. Part of the reason for the symbolizing of the upside down crosses which the Occultists (Secretists) use in Infrastructure layout, t-shirt designs, tattoos, chains, ornaments, etc., is to symbolize the “DECONSTRUCTION” of the symbols which they used to control & herd the “flock” (which is us) in the past “Age”. The agenda is to remove their current Western Religion to bring in Atheism, then introduce the Doctrine for their “New Age”. Note that Orthodox Islam contains NO PHYSICAL IDOLS WHATSOEVER

  13. He’s actually not mocking it, he truly is using symbology which pre-dates Christianity. I’m not aiming to disrespect, I am only saying what anyone can seek & verify for themselves. The early Christians did not venerate the cross nor did they regard Jesus, peace be upon him, as more than a Messenger of G-d who was gifted with miracles & Spiritual insight until the Catholic Church added their symbology to Jesus PBUH’s character for control and suppression of the truth. Read Non-Canonical Gospels.

  14. You will also discover that the highest ranks of Freemasonry and the other “Brotherhoods” believe themselves to be descendants of the “Elohim” who sided with “Lucifer” for control of the planet and & also the result of the diluted bloodlines of the “Nephilim” who were mixed human and “Angel” blood. This is a fact. Once again, EVERY JEWISH SCHOLAR KNOWS THIS AS WELL, THIS IS NO SECRET IN JUDAISM. This is where all aristocratic families originate. It is a BREEDING PROGRAM for the “Nephilim” line.

  15. Therefore, when you understand the meanings of the original terms of the Scriptures in Hebrew from the Tanakh, as well as the Greek & Aramaic of the four Canonical Gospels (Injil in Arabic), as well as the writings of Paul, it will make perfect sense. It takes time and bravery to do this. You will even discover that reincarnation has in fact ALWAYS been a part of what the Jewish Scholars (Rabbis) have understood. It went underground because of suppression by the Romans. The truth is there.

  16. The thing one must note is that the reason that the Churches do not elaborate on these passages in the Tanakh (I have read them many times myself, I am a convert to Islam from Christianity & the Torah is also a recognized Scripture in Islam as all of the Hebrew Prophets are also Prophets in Islam), is because it does not follow the tradition which was standardized by Rome during the councils of Nicea. The Protestant Sects have never strayed from the Catholic interpretation. Ask the Rabbis.

  17. No idea what happened to it to be honest, I must had removed it but don’t know why, could have been copyright issue from NASH entertainment for using footage of their ghost documentary.

  18. Part 4 of this enlightening documentary?
    could you at least drop a buzzword as to what it was about?
    ty keep up the good work

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